Using the joystick for input

Several FlyVR programs use a joystick for input (e.g. joypose, joystick_cursor, spacenav_pose, Specifically, they listen to the ROS /joy topic. To ensure that your joystick is running, you can do this from the command line:

rostopic echo /joy

Using a web browser instead of a physical joystick

If you don’t have a real joystick, you can run an emulated one:

rosrun browser_joystick

This starts a webserver running on the local machine and prints the URL. Open this URL with a modern browser and the webserver should now emit messages on the ROS /joy topic.

Note: this requres the installation of python-tornado (> 2.4.x) and python-sockjs-tornado packages.

Using a physical joystick

If your joystick is device /dev/input/js0, use ROS to emit /joy messages like this:

rosrun joy joy_node /dev/input/js0

Using a PS3 joystick

A PS3 joystick can be run like a physical joystick, but there are a couple of tricks to get it connected. The ROS ps3joy package facilitates this. The required steps are:

For initial setup, perform bluetooth pairing with the joystick (Use the sixpair program.)

Then, for daily use, run the bluetooth listener which write the output into the linux device system. Run python